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CluneTech is a suite of companies providing industry-leading solutions that simplify global business. Our technology streamlines processes such as digital sales, global payroll, tax compliance, global VAT & cross-border payments, making business better for our customers worldwide.

International Payments Technology

TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology firm, powering international payments and receivables transactions for the world's biggest brands.

Consolidate Global Payroll.

Immedis is a purpose-built, global payroll platform that supports the complete end-to-end payroll cycle and provides advanced reporting and real-time data analytics - addressing your global payroll needs in 150 countries worldwide.

Making global VAT less taxing.

Taxback International is a leading global VAT solutions provider. Our integrated technology streamlines the processes of global VAT compliance, recovery & payment for Enterprise and Medium sized businesses worldwide.

Income Tax solutions for global employees. is a multi-national corporation providing specialist tax return services to private and corporate clients. Combining our industry expertise and tax technology, we help employees to recover overpaid taxes and remain tax compliant

Tax compliance software for nonresidents & their employers.

Sprintax is a multi-jurisdiction, tax compliance software, which simplifies tax withholding and tax return filing for nonresidents and their employers. Sprintax Calculus streamlines payroll for organizations with international employees, providing real-time data and consolidated reporting.

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Global Promotional Solutions.

Our technology helps leading international brands to run high ROI promotional campaigns globally. Our solution incorporates expertise in design, marketing & localised legislation, enabling our customers to manage their promotional campaigns through a single platform.

Career Guidance, Mentorship & Recruitment Platform

Gradguide is an online career guidance, mentorship & graduate recruitment platform that bridges the employment gap between college & technology companies.