Brilliant people and technology, making business better

CluneTech is a suite of companies providing industry-leading solutions that simplify global business. Our technology streamlines processes such as digital sales, global payroll, tax compliance, global VAT & cross-border payments, making business better for our customers worldwide.

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International Payments Technology.

TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology firm, powering international payments and receivables transactions for the world's biggest brands.

Making global VAT less taxing.

Taxback International is a leading global VAT solutions provider. Our integrated technology streamlines the processes of global VAT compliance, recovery & payment for Enterprise and Medium sized businesses worldwide.

Income Tax solutions for global employees. is a multi-national corporation providing specialist tax return services to private and corporate clients. Combining our industry expertise and tax technology, we help employees to recover overpaid taxes and remain tax compliant

Tax compliance software for nonresidents & their employers.

Sprintax is a multi-jurisdiction, tax compliance software, which simplifies tax withholding and tax return filing for nonresidents and their employers. Sprintax Calculus streamlines payroll for organizations with international employees, providing real-time data and consolidated reporting.

Global Promotional Solutions.

Our technology helps leading international brands to run high ROI promotional campaigns globally. Our solution incorporates expertise in design, marketing & localised legislation, enabling our customers to manage their promotional campaigns through a single platform.

Visa and immigration services

Visa First provides working holiday visas, skilled migrant visas, tourist visas and business visas for over 80,000 people travelling.

Your Future in Ireland

Secure permanent residency, granted under the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) with the full support from IDLF. IDLF is a low-risk investment fund authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Our Leadership Team

Terry Clune

CEO and Founder



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Terry Clune

CEO & Founder CluneTech.

Sinead Fitzmaurice

CEO TransferMate

Karl Nolan

CEO Taxback International

Joanna Murphy

CEO, Sprintax, IDLF

Julian Morrison

CEO Benamic

Award-winning people and technology

We have received multiple awards and recognition for excellence in innovation, technology and customer care, reflecting our people’s commitment to everything we do.

CluneTech has also been consistently recognized as a Great Place to Work. Interested in joining us? ​

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Our Shared Values

Our success is based on putting our customers first and always asking: how can we help, what can we do better? That’s what drives continuous innovation

One Team

At CluneTech, we’re proud to have a #OneTeam culture that fosters collaboration, recognises and rewards innovation and encourages entrepreneurship.


We celebrate creativity, thinking outside of the box and coming up with new ideas, products and services. ​


We are driven by passion for what we do, and we are committed to always asking our customers and our people “what can we do better?”.​


We respect and support each other both as people and as colleagues aiming to help our people reach their fullest potential throughout their careers.​

Brilliant people and
technology, streamlining

CluneTech is a suite of companies providing Industry-leading solutions that simplify global business. Our technology streamlines new processes such as digital sales, global payroll, tax compliance, global VAT & cross-border payments, making business better for our customers worldwide.


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