March 18, 2022

CluneTech Social Spotlight: March 18th Edition

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Episode 2 of TBI Expert ViewTaxback International

The latest series of TBI Expert View continued this week with a discussion on SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax). Lisa Dowling, Senior Global Director, and Barbara Barcsik, Global VAT Director, talk through the challenges the challenges and complexities in different countries as Governments are implementing different requirements. They also discuss the EU Commission 'VAT in the Digital Age'.


Finance Minister Pascal Donohoe Urged to Widen Tax Bands to Offset Effect of

Featured in the Irish Independent this week, CEO Joanna Murphy urges widening of tax bands as prices rise:

"Inflation-hit workers will look to mitigate its impact by negotiating pay increases this year. But a knock-on consequence of this could be that up to 50pc of the hard-won salary hikes will be in extra taxation."

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What is Authorized Push Payment Fraud?TransferMate

When it comes to payments fraud, Authorized Push Payment (APP) schemes are a real threat to businesses because they exploit people's very human tendencies. On their blog this week, TransferMate took an in-depth look into APP fraud and the measures one can take to prevent it.

 Authorized Push Payment(APP) fraud is when a fraudster deceives a business into sending them a payment into a bank account controlled by the fraudster. For more information, check out the full blog post here.

 Achieving Pay Equity through Global PayrollImmedis

Pay equity and the balance of wage distribution has long been a topic of conversation – hitting news headlines in some high profile cases.

Immedis, this week, released a very interesting e-book exploring how global payroll can help an organization to achieve pay equity by uncovering systematic inequities and implementing change. Download your free copy today!


Marketing Works Benamic

While marketing has come along way in proving itself as a truly valuable resource, there are still some people out there that are unsure of its potential. This piece by MarketingWeek, shared by Benamic, highlights just how effective it can be. It takes a look how food delivery service Just Eat have benefited from a sharp increase in their marketing effort and spend, helping them towards a dramatic rise in revenue and as a result, profitability.

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