May 4, 2022

Volunteering for the Bulgarian Red Cross

Volunteer Day at CluneTech

CluneTech is committed to supporting activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we live and work. As part of this commitment, we added a Volunteer Day to our existing employee benefits in September, 2021 to empower our employees to support the causes closest to them.

The addition of our Volunteer Day for our employees has enhanced the reach of our CSR programme, CluneTech Cares. Our intention with this addition is to allow employees to allocate work time to engage in volunteering activities. CluneTech recognises that participating in these sort of activities contributes not only to the development of communities, but also enriches the lives and promotes the well-being of our people.

In March, CluneTech employees from all over of world used their volunteer day to support causes close to their hearts such as donation of computers to local high schools (Yordan Keranov), doing arts and crafts with children with disabilities (Emilia Simeonova and Yoana Grigorova), or making donations to refugees following the Russian invasion in Ukraine (Gocho Gochev, Desislava Chervenkova, Artur Balyan, Kaloyan Keranov and others).

Check out this recent examples of how our employees Ralitsa Mladenova and Galina Kirova used their volunteer day.


Volunteering for the Bulgarian Red Cross

On 23rd March, Galina Kirilova and Ralitsa Mladenova from our Veliko Tarnovo team used their Volunteer day to support the regional department of the Bulgarian Red Cross in the city. Both ladies participated in the initiative “Children Help Children” organized by the Ministry of Education together with the Bulgarian Red Cross. This initiative was set up to help collect essential goods that will be sent to Bulgarian Sunday Schools in Ukraine (there are 63 Bulgarian Sunday Schools in Ukraine, attended by over 10,000 children). Ralitsa, Galina, and the Red Cross volunteers accepted the donations from schools in the area, recorded and organised the supplies, and prepared them for shipping to the children in need.

“It was so fulfilling to be part of this campaign. We all can make a difference and we are lucky our employer supports us in that.” - Ralista Mladenova

CluneTech Employees Volunteering with the Bulgarian Red Cross

Read more about our CSR programme, CluneTech Cares, and keep an eye out on our social media for more volunteer day stories.




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