November 14, 2022

10 Years at TransferMate- Interview with Jelyazko Drekov

At CluneTech, we have an extensive Milestone Recognition Programme that rewards employees that choose to build a long and successful career with us. As part of this programme, we love celebrating and sharing the stories of those reaching major milestones with the company.

This month we caught up with Jelyazko Drekov, Team Leader at TransferMate, who has been on our team for 10 years!

Check out our interview with Jelyazko below:

What is your favourite thing about working in CluneTech / Taxback International?

There are so many positive memories, but my favorite thing is probably working with the teams in Varna and Kilkenny. The people you meet are so positive and open to help. Also, the non-stop learning paths that you can dive in to every single day.

What has been your biggest achievement or highlight since joining CluneTech / Taxback International?

My biggest achievement so far has been helping to build a great working environment and of course, spreading my knowledge based on my experience to the rest of my team.

What is the biggest change that you have witnessed in your time here?

The biggest change for me was not being able to meet all the people from my team in person and dealing with all tasks and conversations remotely because of the COVID situation, but slowly and surely I am getting used to it.

What is the greatest challenge that you have faced in your time here and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge was to handle the massive growth of the area I am involved in and to prepare our team properly for it. I believe that we are now travelling the right path.

What has been your favourite task or project to work on?

My favourite task is definitely the digitalization of our daily tasks. I love to share my knowledge with all of my colleagues.

Do you have advice for someone who is just starting their career in CluneTech / Taxback International?

My advice to everyone just starting is to not fear to ask and to explore as there are so many opportunities to learn and grow. Be curious, be open for changes and most importantly, be yourself.


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