February 15, 2024

15 Years at TransferMate - Interview with Linda Mooney

At CluneTech, we have an extensive Milestone Recognition Program that rewards employees that choose to build along and successful career with us. As part of this programme, we love celebrating and sharing the stories of those reaching major milestones with the company.

This month we caught up with TransferMate's Linda Mooney, Customer Service Representative, who has been on our team for the last 15 years.

What is your favourite thing about working in CluneTech / TransferMate?

I know it’s been said before, but it has to be the people. Everyone looks out for each other and you never feel alone. 'One Team' does actually exist.

What has been your biggest achievement or highlight since joining CluneTech/ TransferMate?

Joining the Customer Service team and all the knowledge that comes with it, we get to see all sides from the clients, to internal teams.

What is the biggest change that you have witnessed in your time here?

The biggest change I've witnessed would be the way the company has moved with the times and adjusted itself when required for both our staff and our clients.

What is the greatest challenge that you have faced in your time here and how did you overcome it?

Moving home to work was my greatest challenge. At first, I was nervous that I would feel isolated and wondered how I would manage any IT issues, but it all fell into place with the support of our IT team and other colleagues, it feels natural now and I love it.


What has been your favourite task or project to work on?

My favourite task to work on has to be our Global accounts. I really enjoy getting to work with other departments, getting to know new faces and seeing what their work entails.

Do you have advice for someone who is just starting their career in CluneTech / TransferMate?

Learn as much as you can from your team/colleagues as Knowledge is King!


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