June 26, 2023

20 Years at CluneTech- Interview with Diana Demireva

What is your favorite thing about working at CluneTech?

It may sound cliché, but undoubtedly, the most valuable asset of the company are the people.

Over the years, I have encountered many interesting, capable people, who contribute to the development and values of CluneTech. The company’s culture is something unique for each organization and I reckon that the spirit, cooperation, and respect that exists within ours is one of the things that makes CluneTech a preferred and successful employer.

When I reached 20 years with the company, besides the gifts and surprises from my wonderful colleagues in the HR department, I received a beautiful bouquet of roses from a group of colleagues with whom I have worked with throughout the years.

Another thing that impresses me is the entrepreneurial spirit and continuous pursuit of innovation that I have observed throughout the years in the company, starting from CluneTech’s owner, Terry Clune.


What has been your biggest achievement or highlight since joining CluneTech?

I am not able to define only one thing, but one of my most important achievements has been all the training courses that were organized during the years. Successful inductions and all the activities surrounding training platforms such as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and others, which our employees have been using over the years is something we can be proud of. Our educational program for specialists in various businesses – Taxback Pro – introduced in2012 is also a project that we are very proud of.


What is the biggest change that you have witnessed in your time here?

When I started working with the company, it consisted of one business and had 150 employees in Bulgaria. Within one year of joining CluneTech, the number of employees doubled.

Now after 20 years, CluneTech is expanding businesses in many fields, and the number of employees in Bulgaria is over 1000. That is a significant change.


What is the greatest challenge that you have faced in your time here and how did you overcome it?

One of the major challenges that comes to my mind is one of the large-scale events in 2016 when I successfully organized training sessions for over 120 employees on different topics from an international training company. All the activities related to this event had to be coordinated and organized precisely, while also being carried out in parallel with other projects I was working on. A challenge can only be overcome by mobilizing yourself and giving your best effort.


What has been your favourite task or project to work on?

I have learned a lot from cases related to labor legislation, but there are two projects that I am working on with great enthusiasm.

One is the Taxback Pro program for specialists, and the other is the #One Team Awards, where we recognize employees who have been nominated by their colleagues for excellence.


Do you have advice for someone who is just starting their career in CluneTech?

Be prepared to learn every day, be patient, work with enthusiasm, don’t be afraid to accept challenges and pursue your goals. I wish them success, to have fun, and to feel good at CluneTech.


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