April 18, 2024

20 Years at Taxback- Interview with Nikolay Pavlov

At CluneTech, we have an extensive Milestone Recognition Program that rewards employees that choose to build along and successful career with us. As part of this program, we love celebrating and sharing the stories of those reaching major milestones with the company.

This month we caught up with Taxback's Nikolay Pavlov, Operations Team Leader, who has been on our team for the last 20 years.

What is your favourite thing about working in CluneTech / Taxback?

After so many years here, there are lots of things I love about working at Taxback. If I would have to pick one, it would be the people I work and have worked with over the years.

What has been your biggest achievement or highlight since joining CluneTech/ Taxback?

I would say observing how the company changed and developed over the years and how I have developed with it. From the morning shifts with 'US Others B team',  to my current position as Operations Team Leader.

What is the biggest change that you have witnessed in your time here?

20 years is quite a long time. The company has changed in almost every way during this period. From the countless paper files and walls filled with cabinets and folders – to desks being completely file free now – The technology changed and the company followed.

What is the greatest challenge that you have faced in your time here and how did you overcome it?

During the years we had plenty of challenges. I am glad to say that I think we’ve overcome every obstacle. From different legislative changes, to taking part in plenty of audits from different tax countries we deal with.

What has been your favourite task or project to work on?

I did plenty of different projects and tasks over the years. My favorite one would be the daily tasks. Working with the people I manage – everyday is a new beginning and we have to do our best. If you don’t do your best everyday – it's better to not do anything at all.

Do you have advice for someone who is just starting their career in CluneTech / Taxback?

Learn from each opportunity you have.  And of course -  when you have a job to do you’ve got to do it well.


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