January 24, 2023

CluneTech Cares and FAST Heroes 112

A million kids with one grand mission - to save their grandparents

January 2023, Varna, Bulgaria: CluneTech is the first company to support the introduction of the FAST Heroes 112 educational program in the northeast of Bulgaria. Following a sponsorship from CluneTech Cares – our corporate social responsibility program, FAST Heroes 112 will be rolled out for the first time in Varna, Bulgaria.

About FAST Heroes 112

FAST Heroes 112 is an award-winning educational initiative, endorsed by the World Stroke Organization. This initiative aims to raise awareness of stroke symptoms and the need for speedy action when these symptoms arise. It leverages children’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing while also encouraging the spread of knowledge to the rest of their family. The campaign offers educational resources to inspire learning in kindergartens and primary schools, and facilitate the transfer of that knowledge to families at home.

FAST Heroes’ mission is to educate the world about the symptoms of stroke and the need for immediate action.

Why does stroke prevention matter?

Stroke is the second leading cause of death, the third leading cause of disability in the world and one of the main reasons that children lose their grandparents.  The sad reality is that most stroke patients do not receive treatment because they arrive at the hospital too late. People can survive with their lives intact if they receive fast and effective acute care. Stroke patients need high-quality medical care as quickly as possible, so increasing awareness of the symptoms can save lives. It is therefore extremely important that we continue to increase awareness of the key warning signs of stroke and give people the confidence and clarity to seek immediate emergency care.

Elica Hadzhivalcheva, National Coordinator of the FAST Heroes 112 campaign in Bulgaria

Saving the world, one grandparent at a time

“We believe children can help make a real difference, acting as a catalyst to spark interest amongst their wider family. In fact, educating children is proven to be a viable way to enhance their community’s stroke preparedness. The campaign focuses on the unique bond between children and their parents, as the average age of stroke patients is around 70 years of age.

We know that grandparents are a great source of unconditional love and kindness for many children around the world. Given stroke is one of the biggest reasons that children lose their grandparents - to death or disability - we are essentially fighting for them to have more quality time together.”

Elica Hadzhivalcheva, National Coordinator of the FAST Heroes 112 campaign in Bulgaria.

How CluneTech supports FAST Heroes 112?

2022 is the first year CluneTech has taken part in this project by donating over €2,000 which will allow the program’s ambassadors to roll out the FAST Heroes educational campaign for the first time in Varna in 2023.

Following World Stroke Day on October 29th, 2022 and our special presentation for this occasion; CluneTech’s employees have been given the opportunity to nominate a school of their choice which will later be enrolled in the program. After a public vote, the “Geo Milev” Primary School, nominated by Iliyana Stefanova from our Irish Accounts Team in Bulgaria, was selected to be the first school in Varna that will take part in the FAST Heroes 112 campaign.

“The choice of introducing the program right here is by no means random – Varna is the city where the biggest Bulgarian office of our company is located. Sadly, it is also the city with the highest stroke rate in the country.”

Kristina Ilieva, Marketing & Communications Specialist at CluneTech.

Keep an eye out on our blog to see the progress of our FAST Heroes 112 Mission!


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