January 21, 2022

CluneTech Social Spotlight: January 21st

Welcome to our CluneTech Social Spotlight Series – a fortnightly roundup of the best social media activity from across our group of global companies. Want to stay in the loop with everything happening in CluneTech? Here’s the place to do it! Click the title of each entry to view the original post.

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Care @ Work - Immedis

Immedis are partnering with HRCongress and holding a complimentary Forum discussing how Global Payroll can play a role in discussing Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. In this free webinar, how crucial pay equity is to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging as well as how the measurement of pay can help to ensure we move towards actual pay equity, will all be discussed. Care @ Work will take place on the 3rd of February from 15.00 – 16.30 UK and you can register for free now: https://bit.ly/3rvra4r

How to Get your Australian Tax Refund - Taxback.com

In November 2021, Taxback.com played a huge role in getting the Australian High Court to rule the ‘Backpacker Tax’ invalid for citizens from certain countries. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has now released guidance on how backpackers can claim their tax refund. In their latest blog post, Taxback.com break down that guide and tell you everything you need to know about the latest developments in the backpacker case.

The Great Migration? The Great Resignation? - TransferMate

Curious about what the future of work may look like and what that could mean for international payroll? The 'Great Resignation' theory (closely followed by the 'Great Migration') has quickly become part of the public consciousness, and both promise to change the face of international payroll. On their blog this week, TransferMate took a closer look at the evidence surrounding these theories to deduce what the future of work really looks like and what the implications will be for employers with international payroll.

Upcoming Career Fair - Gradguide

After the success of their inaugural Career Fair last September, Gradguide have announced their next event, taking place virtually on Thursday, February 24. Already an incredible line up of companies have been announced for the event, including Immedis, Workday, Spendesk, Slack, Chargify, and many more. This is a must attend event for any student or recent graduate looking to land their first role in tech! Additionally, Gradguide just announced their brand new Refer a Friend Programme where you and a friend could win €500 each month simply by recommending them to Gradguide – Click here for more.

Ultimate Guide to Non-Resident Taxes in the US - Sprintax

Sprintax specialize in making tax as straightforward as possible to newcomers in the US. Thus, with tax season in the US fast approaching, Sprintax are on hand to answer all your pressing questions. Their ultimate guide will cover everything you need to know from:

  • Who has to file
  • Tax exemptions
  • How to reduce your tax bill
  • Important documents

And much more!

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