May 7, 2024

CluneTech supports the Center for Medical and Social Care for Children in Varna, Bulgaria

This April, CluneTech has donated 4.5 tons of cement-based floor screed to the Center for Medical and Social Care for Children in Varna (Vinitsa District).

The donation will be used for the construction of a brand new ward for complex care for children with chronic diseases and impairments up to seven years old. The ward will include rooms where children experiencing severe and chronic health challenges with uncertain prognoses can stay with their parents. Additionally, it will incorporate facilities for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical manipulation rooms, and space for individual activities. This project will ensure our city has a modern medical ward that provides complex care and assists children with severe chronic diseases and their families in dealing not only with the physical pain resulting from their conditions but also the emotional suffering they endure.

Long after its founding in 1953, the Center for Medical and Social Care in Varna only provided care to children aged 0 to 3. However, at this stage, the center boasts a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, and speech therapists who provide comprehensive support to a wide group of children, ranging from premature babies to those up to eighteen years old. Many of these children have severe chronic, neurological, or genetic conditions, necessitating 24/7 medical supervision.

A long-time partner of CluneTech Cares, the medical centre in Vinitsa is the largest facility of its kind in the Northeast of Bulgaria, providing medical care and rehabilitation to premature babies and children with neurological and orthopedic problems. With donations of over €12,000 which we have made throughout the years, we have helped the centre to purchase important equipment such as hospital beds, therapeutic chairs, baby monitoring devices, two air conditioning units, a portable oxygen concentrator, a neonatal pulse oximeter, a patient monitoring system and more.


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