February 17, 2022

CluneTech Win Two Awards at the Annual b2b Employer Branding Awards

CluneTech has been recognized for yet another year at the Annual b2b Media Employer Branding Awards. The event, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 15th February 2022, celebrates the achievements of the HR and Communications departments of companies who are focusing on creating a positive brand experience for their employees and who are contributing to talent development and innovation. 


The b2b Media Employer Branding Awards which were launched five years ago, have been steadily gathering steam and this year we were competing with nearly 100 well-known employers in Bulgaria. We are delighted that our progress did not go unnoticed. On the glittering national awards ceremony in Sofia, Kristina Ilieva from our Marketing &Communications Team and Elena Stefanova, our Design Team Lead, accepted two awards on behalf of CluneTech: first place in the Employer Branding Project category and second place in the Excellence in Stress Management category.


The Employer Branding Project award was received in recognition of our recent rebrand to CluneTech and is a testament to the growth and evolution of our global group of companies. It recognizes the immense amount of work that our Communications, Design, HR and IT Teams committed to deliver a flawless transition to our new brand as well as to support our goal to continue enhancing our #OneTeam culture. Brilliant people and technology are at the core of everything we do, and the rebrand to CluneTech has only strengthened our commitment to making business better.


The Excellence in Stress Management award on the other hand, recognizes the continuous focus on employee wellbeing over the years and more specifically, the introduction of an Employee Assistance Programme and Life Insurance for all our employees in Bulgaria. Last summer we significantly upgraded our employer benefits package to include these important upgrades, and continue to make improvements where possible. For instance, we recently increased the annual leave allowance for all Bulgarian staff by two days. These improvements and more have enabled us to better support our employees through the highs and lows they may face, whether personal or work related.


Both awards are a testament to the incredible work from our cross-functional teams on our recent rebrand as well as our focus on employee wellbeing and support. Despite all of the challenges that Covid and remote work has presented, our teams have continued to go above and beyond, and we are incredibly proud of the work that they put in each and every day.


CluneTech employees Kristina Ilieva and Elena Stefanova at the Annual b2b Employer Branding Awards in Sofia.

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