February 21, 2023

CluneTech with another recognition from the Annual b2b Media Employer Branding Awards

Kilkenny-based software technology group, CluneTech received two awards at the annual b2bMedia Employer Branding Awards in Sofia, Bulgaria last Friday: first place in the Flexible Workplace category and second place in the Excellence in Teamwork category.

The b2b Media Employer Branding Awards, which were launched six years ago, celebrate the achievements of the HR and Communications departments of companies that are focusing on creating a positive employee experience and driving talent development and innovation. The increasing competition in the job market has led companies to put efforts into creating and putting into executing long-term strategies for improving employee offerings and the workplace culture, and CluneTech is no exception to that.

b2b Employer Branding Awards 2023

Our Flexible Workplace award was given in recognition of our strategy for improving our employee benefits package, and for another three specific innovations which we introduced last year: Summer Flex Hours, Lifework Days and Meeting Free Fridays. The enhancements reaffirmed the company’s commitment to creating a flexible and responsive working environment where people feel valued for their individual skills and contributions, and where they are supported to reach their full potential along with achieving our joint business goals.

The recognition in the “Excellence in Teamwork” category was given to CluneTech for its various employee related initiatives that embody our #OneTeam Culture. An example of such are our quarterly and annual #OneTeam Awards, our monthly Appreciation Competition and our World Random Act of Kindness Day Campaign, which all aim to create a real sense of connectivity and recognition amongst our peers.

Following the news of both awards, Kristina Ilieva, our Marketing& Communications Specialist in Bulgaria, who represented CluneTech at the awarding ceremony in Sofia, commented:

“These awards are not yet another recognition for us here at CluneTech. They represent a very positive shift in our culture. As opposed to just a few years ago, when we all worked in the office with very strict start and end of our working days, our employees are now trusted and empowered to decide what works best for them. We support this with various improvements which we introduced in the last few years and that truly help in achieving an optimal work-life balance. We’ve worked very hard and we are really proud to be where we are now.”

In the past few years, CluneTech has enhanced its benefits for employees, who are now set to enjoy greater flexibility, more annual leave days, an improved milestone recognition program, and even more country-specific benefits and employee support. CluneTech is currently hiring across all functions, particularly Finance, Development, Compliance, Marketing and Operations.

Learn more about CluneTech career opportunities here.

Kristina Ilieva Marketing and Communication specialist at CluneTech at the Annual b2b Media Branding Awards


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