June 11, 2024

CluneTech’s annual donation will foster Karin Dom’s social entrepreneurship

June 11th 2024, Varna, Bulgaria. CluneTech’s annual donation to Karin Dom will support their social enterprise, providing jobs for two mothers of children on the autism spectrum who use Karin Dom’s services in Varna, Bulgaria. Our donation ensures that the salaries and social contributions of these mothers are covered for six months, allowing them to continue working at Karin Dom while being close to their children and addressing the challenges of raising children with special needs.

Petya and Zhivka work in Karin Dom’s social enterprise while their sons attend Montessori groups and therapeutic swimming lessons. Initially, both mothers started as volunteers, seeking distraction from the challenges they faced while raising their children. As Karin Dom’s social enterprise formalized, they were invited to become employed.

Petya shares her experience:

"Eight years ago, I first stepped into Karin Dom for my son's initial assessment. I was anxious, scared, and didn't know what to expect. My son began attending therapies, and I joined the Parent Group. I was in denial about his Autism, but the group helped me recover and smile again. Volunteering kept me from constantly thinking about the difficulties, giving me satisfaction. I love helping, feeling good, and being useful. When the social enterprise was established, we started working there, and now I feel even more fulfilled. Karin Dom is where I found support, understanding, empathy, and guidance on how to cope with Mitaka's condition. Having a vocation is very valuable, and I am glad to be part of the Karin Dom team!"


"Today, Petya and Zhivka craft toys for Karin Dom’s Christmas and Martenitsi campaigns, which are sold to support therapeutic programs for children with special needs.  “Handmade products require a lot of attention, skill, and time to prepare but Petya and Zhivka are continuously developing and are no longer afraid to tackle the sewing machine.”, our partners from Karin Dom shared.

About CluneTech Cares. CluneTech’s CSR programme was established in September 2007 in response to a tragic flooding disaster in Tsar Kaloyan, Bulgaria. Deeply saddened by the news, our Bulgarian employees decided to help and within 48 hours, they had rallied together and organised 3.5 tonnes of food and 12,000 liters of water for the village. After this event, we formalised our CSR activity to give it a global reach, ensuring to support each of the communities in which we operate. Today we’re proud to have a CSR Programme that is created by our people, for our people.

Karin Dom is a Bulgarian non-profit organization founded in 1996 by hereditary diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stancioff. 28 years on, Karin Dom is an organization with a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs and their families. Set in the beautiful city of Varna, Bulgaria, Karin Dom's new building which opened in September 2022, gives children with special needs from the Northeast of Bulgaria access to vital therapy that helps them to grow in strength and confidence.


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