April 18, 2024

Cynthia Andonian: Companies like CluneTech exemplify inclusivity

One of the newest additions to Sprintax's tech team is Cynthia Andonian, a recent graduate and young tech enthusiast who joined our team in 2023. Although she previously worked for Bulgaria's largest learning platform and a well-known financial institution, Cynthia says she primarily gained her experience through self-teaching and participation in various boot camps. We recently spoke to Cynthia to learn more about her start in the tech industry. See what she had to share below.

Did you ever believe that you would be given a chance to start your career in the tech industry as a young graduate with almost no experience?

Like many young people entering the IT field, I often felt lost. Shortly after beginning my career journey, I realized that the knowledge I had acquired was just a fraction of what I needed, еven to land an interview. I faced numerous rejections even after reaching the third stage of the recruitment process and job interview. These setbacks really discouraged me. However, I refused to give up. I continued learning and developing my skills. Eventually, my perseverance paid off, and I was offered my first opportunity to work as a Junior Software Engineer.

What is required in order to be noticed and to be given a chance at the beginning of your career when you still don’t have much experience?

Confidence. I have encountered many individuals who have more knowledge than me, yet their insecurities have prevented them from unleashing their potential. For all IT newcomers, the gap between the knowledge they have acquired, and its practical application is quite significant. To me, what helped me solidify my understanding was doing various web projects. Even a simple web construction project provides insight into how web applications function and helps solve the “puzzles in your mind”. For anyone starting out on their career path, I recommend not being afraid of projects and being open to dive into areas that may initially seem confusing. Just like that, the knowledge becomes even more solidified.

What do you like most about Sprintax and your team in particular?

I've never encountered the same level of transparency in any of the companies I've worked for previously. I often found myself being asked to do tasks without a clear understanding of why or where certain functionalities would be implemented. At Sprintax, we consistently ask each other 'Why?'. This fosters a culture where everyone feels encouraged to share their opinions and work towards more meaningful and organized work processes.

What motivates you in your job?

I feel fortunate to have great mentors and experienced colleagues who are always there to support me. I thrive in an environment where I can continuously learn and grow. I find motivation and inspiration in tackling new challenges each day, as they push me to grow and overcome obstacles.

If you could advise young women who are contemplating their future career paths, why would you recommend starting in IT?

Unfortunately, many perceive the technology sector as predominantly male-dominated, perhaps due to social biases or the misconception that men excel in logical thinking. However, my career journey is filled with inspiring examples of brilliant women who have not only have extensive knowledge in the field, but also exhibit remarkable leadership skills. While it may seem daunting to enter a male-dominated industry, companies like CluneTech exemplify inclusivity, with over 61% of their workforce being female. Additionally, a career in IT offers diverse opportunities and is inherently captivating. If you're prepared to give your best effort daily and approach your work with passion, gender does not matter.


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