April 25, 2022

Flexible Working at CluneTech Explained

In this blog post we will take a look at how CluneTech supports Flexible Working.

What is Flexible Working?

Flexible Working refers to a form of work arrangement in which employees have some control over how long, where, when, and at what times they work (Source: CIPD UK).

Flexible Working at CluneTech

First and foremost, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff is our top priority. We aspire to make CluneTech a company where the people closest to us would want to work. We all have a unique challenge in integrating our work and personal lives and in acknowledging that, we want to encourage flexibility to ensure that our employees can achieve an optimum work-life balance.

In 2020 we implemented our very first Flexible Working Policy which saw the introduction of a number of flexible work opportunities for our people and confirmed that a hybrid model is here to stay. As people begin to return to offices all over the world, we wanted to highlight some of the opportunities introduced by this policy and discuss what they really mean for our people.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working provides staff the opportunity to split their working time between a variety of different locations.

CluneTech are now offering a hybrid working model which for most people will consist of a healthy combination of office and remote working. We appreciate that having increased autonomy enables our employees to fit work around their personal lives and improve their overall job satisfaction. To date, some of the benefits of hybrid working we have seen are:

  • Better work-life balance
  • Less commuting, more family time
  • Location independence
  • Improved inclusivity
  • Money savings
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Positive impact on sustainability

To support this new way of working, we are currently completing renovations across several of our offices, including our HQ in Kilkenny, Ireland. Our "new" offices will serve as hubs where our employees can come to collaborate and innovate together with their teams.

CluneTech Employees Working Together in One of Our Offices in Varna, Bulgaria.

Remote Working

Remote Working or Working from Home can be defined as a flexible working arrangement in which employees can work from a location other than their company's offices (Source: Gartner).

As part of our commitment to flexible working, remote working will continue to be a viable option for the majority of our staff. Our policy on remote working gives employees more freedom to choose how, when and where they work. Recent pulse survey data indicates that we are heading in the right direction with this policy. In Q1 of 2021, 70% of staff expressed satisfaction with their work-life balance. This figure had increased to 78% by the year's end and we expect it to increase further in 2022.

Like hybrid working, fully remote work has many benefits and we are glad it has become a permanent fixture in our strategy. Check out what remote working jobs we currently have available by visiting our careers page.


A working schedule with a flexible set of set of starting and finishing hours is referred to as Flexi-Time. Companies employing this type of schedule are usually flexible about when you start and finish work, as long as you complete all of your needed hours for the day (Source: Indeed).

CluneTech have also embraced the Flexi-Time model, allowing employees to plan their working day around personal important responsibilities such as the school run, visiting the dentist, or attending college.

CluneTech employees can work with their manager to find a Flexi-Time arrangement that is suitable for both the individual and their team.

Part-Time Roles

Although in previous years, part-time roles were not requested too often, we still wanted to make this option available to our employees to allow them the flexibility to work times that are achievable for them.

Roles will be eligible where the post holder and manager can make a case for the role being done effectively on a part-time or reduced hours basis. Part-time work may be particularly beneficial for employees balancing work and life during transitional periods such as:

  • When returning to work after the birth of a child or whilst raising a young family
  • As a lead-in period to retirement when people who want to work less time can still have a high impact

Job Sharing

Job Sharing is now another flexible option at CluneTech. This will afford colleagues the opportunity to find a symbiotically beneficial working relationship together. We believe this could also be an invaluable source of innovation, helping us to obtain a greater diversity of ideas from employees who job share.

Work-Life Balance

At CluneTech, we are constantly looking at what else we can do to improve the work-life balance of our employees. Most recently, we introduced an Employee Volunteer Day, and increased the annual leave allowance for all Bulgarian staff.

Employee Volunteer Day

CluneTech is committed to supporting activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we live and work. As part of this comittment, we added an Employee Volunteer Day in 2021 to empower our staff to support the causes closest to them.

Our intention is to allow employees to allocate work time to engage in volunteering activities. CluneTech recognises that participating in these sorts of activities contributes not only to the development of communities, but also enriches the lives and promotes the wellbeing of our people.

CluneTech Announces Employee Volunteer Day

Additional Annual Leave Day for Bulgarian Staff

One of the most recent and significant updates was our decision to increase the annual leave allowance for all Bulgaria-based staff. After the recent upgrade announce in the summer of 2021, which included the additions of an Employee Assistance Programme and Life Insurance to our benefits package, we also introduced an additional two days annual leave.

These two days are in addition to the extra annual leave days given to long-term employees as part of our Milestone Recognition Programme, and they will apply to all employees from their first day of service in the company. The decision to increase the number of annual leave days aims to reward our employees for their continuous hard work and dedication. This new addition to our benefits package has been warmly welcomed by our people.

At CluneTech, we also offer a wide range of additional leaves such as IVF Leave, Exam & Study Leave, Carer's Leave, Force Majeure, and more!

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