March 14, 2022

Learning and Development at CluneTech

Learning and Development is a key aspect of our lives. It enhances our skills, knowledge, and competency and results in better performance and greater employee satisfaction. It is an area, however, that is often neglected in organisations. In the UK, for instance, City and Guilds Annual Skills Index 2021 revealed that 30% of employees claim they have not been offered formal workplace training opportunities in the past 5 years.  It has been a key focus area for improvement for us here at CluneTech as well. Learning and Development clearly stood out as one of the areas that we need to focus on according to staff feedback throughout the years.

Luckily, we now have a great team to support our staff in maximizing their Learning and Development opportunities.

In the summer of 2021, we were delighted to welcome our new Group Learning and Development Partner, Gareth McLaughlin, to the team. Since joining us, Gareth has truly hit the ground running and through employee feedback, has crafted a new Learning & Development Strategy with the goal of helping our people to achieve their career aspirations.  

Soon after the launch of the strategy we talked to Gareth who answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Learning and Development by our employees. Read more below.

What are the learning & development focus areas at CluneTech?

At CluneTech we focus on 4 pillars of learning and development: Capability Development, Knowledge Management, Talent Management, Personal Development - all supported by our company values and fostering a culture of learning.

What is our philosophy around career development?

We have three guiding principles around career development;

·      You own your career — it is up to you to seize opportunities, strengthen the skills you need and embrace new experiences.

·      Your manager collaborates with you on career plans through conversations, creating connections and providing feedback.

·      The company enables careers by posting job vacancies, investing in learning and building great managers.


What does one mean by Personal Development Plan (PDP), which is often mentioned in our job adverts?

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is something that is unique to every employee. Aligned to our philosophy on career development, the PDP is your roadmap of readiness for future career opportunities. It outlines the journey you are undertaking to identify and develop the skills and behaviors you need to be the first choice candidate for a role or project that interests you.


At CluneTech, we take every step we can to help you grow both personally and professional. Visit to view our current vacancies.

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