March 15, 2022

What's it Like to Work as a Sales Executive for Sprintax?

As a global organisation containing 9 different companies, all specialising in unique areas, CluneTech has a role to match everyone's skillset. In our new "What's it Like?" series, we're going to be chatting to the amazing people of CluneTech to get a better understanding of what their roles entail.

This week, we caught up with Anna Fitzpatrick who works as a Sales Executive for Sprintax.

Sprintax is a US non-resident tax prep solution for international students, scholars & working professionals. Check out our interview with Anna below!

So Anna, What does a Sales Executive at Sprintax do?

As you’ll see from my ‘typical workday’, a Sales Executive at Sprintax is involved in a wide range of different things. Firstly from the sales side, I focus on profiling leads and reaching out to those leads with the hope of securing meetings. The next stage of the sales cycle is to present our products to prospective partners. Everything leads to the final stage which is closing the deal and welcoming the partner on board. Once the deal closes, then it’s all about account management, nurturing relationships with our partners and providing the highest level of customer service to our partners.

It’s also not just sales!  We also have the tax webinar and education side of things where we present nonresident tax information to nonresidents, schools and institutions across the US and worldwide. As a sales executive, I would also work on various presentations and slide decks for our sessions, conferences and events. There is not only one string to our bow, you never know what you might end up working on one day to the next. Safe to say, a day in the life of a Sales Executive is never boring!

What are the most important qualities a Sales Executive needs for their role?

 There are a lot of skills/qualities that would be important for a sales executive such as good communication, efficient time management and organization, attention to detail, ability to multitask and patience. It is also important to have commercial focus alongside a strong customer focus - the list goes on! We also focus on nurturing the numbers at Sprintax. If we have schools that say no or they don’t want to move forward at this time, we keep them in the loop with any useful resources, tax information or Sprintax updates that they might be interested in and this technique overtime generally results in the schools coming back to us down the line and ultimately winning back business. Perseverance is key!


What drew you to a career in Sales?

A couple of things thatI was drawn to on the sales side is the fast pace nature of sales, working alongside a team towards a common goal and the excitement of closing deals. On the Sprintax sales side, I was also drawn to how the sales executive could look at handling the entire sales process, supported by the rest of the team, from profiling leads, reaching out, securing a meeting, presenting our products on sales calls, closing the deal and then acting as an account manager for the partner. It make the sales process very rewarding!

Could you describe your typical workday?

Everyday is generally different which is one of the best parts about this job. I’ll usually go to visit my horse either before or after work, a nice way to start or end the day!

In the morning, I will generally catch up on emails that came through on US time overnight, scheduling replies to go out in US time. I might also spend sometime working on presentations and planning any reach outs or follow ups for the day ahead before the US wakes up.

I’ll usually try to break up the day with a lunchtime walk.

In the afternoon/evening, calls will generally kick off once US time kicks in. I could have a renewal call, a new business call on Tax Prep or Calculus. At the moment we’re in full swing with US tax season, so we’ll generally have open tax webinars taking place for nonresidents as well as exclusive school tax webinars. We also host webinars on the school/institution side for their staff, so we could have something like that taking place on a typical day too! We’ll generally have some internal calls or catch ups too, like our weekly sales catch up call.

Anna Fitzpatrick, Sales Executive at Sprintax


What do you like the most about working at Sprintax?

First and foremost it has to be the team! We’re lucky to have the team that we do. Everyone is eager to help each other and work together to achieve our common goal. We are a very close knit team and everyone on the team is a pleasure to work with. Secondly, I like how every day is different, as you can see from the ‘typical workday’. It helps to keep you on your toes and keeps things exciting. I enjoy seeing our products evolve, with our team constantly working to add to the product and satisfy our partner needs. It’s great working with people from all across the US and the world. The pandemic had put a halt to all of our in person conferences and events, but its exciting to see all of that returning this year.

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